Kids’ Corner – Nursery School

Classroom at the Farmington Farms Kids Corner Nursery School

Kids’ Corner Nursery School is a state-certified program which uses the thematic approach to learning. It is designed to help each child develop to his or her full potential physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. The school includes supervised activities in our kids’ gym and the indoor pool, offering a well rounded program. For more detailed information and to set up a meeting with our staff and a tour of the school please call the Kids’ Corner Director directly at 860-676-8867.

Kids Corner Preschool Calendar 2016-17


Play Room at the Farmington Farms Kids Corner Nursery SchoolKids’ Corner offers a special program for 2 year olds, without their caregiver. On My Own includes organized crafts, stories, songs, activities in the Kids’ Corner gym, and loads of fun. It currently meets Monday/Wednesday 9-11 am or Tuesday/Thursday 9-11 am. Please call the Kids’ Corner Director at 860-676-8867 for more specific information.

Kids’ Corner also offers a variety of classes for young children, members and non-members, up to 6 years old. See the class schedule and class descriptions for more details. Please note that we are constantly changing the classes and the times to meet our members’ needs. For the most current information please contact Kids’ Corner directly at 860-676-8867.