Farmington Valley Swim Team: The Flying Fish

The goal of this program is to introduce swimmers to the sport of competitive swimming and all four of the competitive swimming strokes.

The Fall 2016-2017 season is fast approaching, we will begin practice on November 2nd, 2016. We have altered the structure of the team this year in order to create more efficient practices as well as the ability to give swimmers the most of their time here.

The schedule is as follows:

November 2nd, first day of practices.

Practice will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the following are the age groups time slots:

5:00-5:45pm- 8 and under

5;45-6:45pm- 9-10

6:45-7:45pm- 11-12

7:45-9pm- 13 and over

We will not hold practice on November 11th.



Hello Everyone,
Here it is, our last meet before winter break. All of this could change, I have a email out to the Rocky Hill staff asking to confirm what I am currently sending you.
Time:  Arrival 8:30 AM
Address: Rocky Hill High School, 50 Chapin Ave, Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Volunteers: Unfortunately at our last swim meet we didn’t manage to organize a shift change, my apologies to those who had to stay on deck the entire meet, lets do better this time around.

Things to remember:

Parents: Please stay off the pool deck. Please be Silent for the start of each race,once the race begins then feel free to cheer as loud and enthusiastically as you like. Please no Flash Photography

Swimmers: Please sit with the team and stay on the pool deck, if you leave the pool deck please tell a coach. Please clean up after yourselves, bringing snacks and a drink is suggested but lets not leave a mess. Please report to Coach Tucker to get your next Race card, all the Coaches know what you’re swimming next but you need a card to get your race time recorded.


1. December 3rd, meet is hosted by Enfield. The meet start 8:15am, pool deck arrival is 8:00am–COMPLETED

2. December 11th, meet is hosted by Jewish Community Center, Springfield, MA.  The meet start time is 12:00pm, pool deck arrival time is 11:15am.

3. December 17th, meet is hosted by Rocky Hill. The meet start time is 8:15am, pool deck arrival time is 8:00am.

4. January 21st, meet is hosted by Windsor.  The meet start time is 8:15am, pool deck arrival time is 8:00am.

Championships will be held on:

1. B Championships, February 5th, place TBD

2. A Championships, February 12th, place TBD

Snow date February 19th.

Swim Suit Information:

I have spoken to Sartorious Sports, which is located on Rt. 44 in Avon, and they are going to supply our suits again for this swim season.  The suit fitting will be on November 14th from 4:30pm to 7:30pm.  It is important that you come for the time assigned to your group and get sized before your child gets wet. If you miss your groups’ time slot then you can wait until your child has completed practice, changed, and then proceed to the fitting.  The following times are assigned to each age group::
4:30 to 5:15pm, 8 and unders
5:15-5:45pm, 9 and 10
6:00pm -6:30pm, 11 and 12
6:45pm- 7:15pm, 13 and up
If you cannot make it before practice, you can stay after and fit your child.
On another note, we are changing the suit design this Season.  We will be moving to a solid black suit with red straps.  This alleviates the worry that the design becomes obsolete.  If you have a suit from last year you can use if for your practice suit and purchase the new tight suit, and save that one for meets .  If this does not work for your family,  we will accept any black and red combo suit. Having children of my own, I do understand the costs involved and respect the fact that every family may not be able to afford our team suit .  In addition, this change allows the opportunity for us to put our swim team’s logo on our suits  for next year ( which will look super professional!).  Pics below.
Solid Flyback Training Suit - Speedo Endurance+Taper Splice Jammer - PowerFLEX Eco
Girls $49.99       Boys $35.00
Please let me know if you have any questions, I will be posting this on our website as well.
Thank you

Please see below, the link will take you to the parent handbook.

Parent Handbook


Winter Swim Clinic:

We offering a Winter Swim clinic, please see the flyer below and please call Stephanie Calamari at 860-677-2489 with any questions.

Swim Clinic Flyer



This season we are able to run dry land, please see the flyer below, if you have questions please call Stephanie Calamari at 860-677-2489

Dry Land Flyer




The banquet will be held in February, as stated in my email I would like to have parents help with the organization of the banquet, could you please email me if you can be a part of the planning.